Vehicle Tracking Software

Our Vehicle Tracking solution gives you up-to-the-minute information on what your fleet and drivers are doing.
It will help you to:
• Reduce fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint
• Increase employee safety and help with Duty of Care
• Increase productivity
• Reduce overtime claims
• Improve customer service and help you retain customers

How It Works! 
Our high-spec GPS device is installed in the vehicle. The unit processes data from GPS satellites to calculate its position. Its powerful internal processor will constantly monitor the status of the vehicle (eg: is the ignition on, is the driver driving aggressively, etc) and attach this status information to a GPS positional log.
It then uses the GPRS data network to transmit these GPS logs to our data collection server at regular intervals. This data is then accessible via a PC or laptop using our secure application.
Know how your vehicles are being driven
With speeding alerts, harsh braking and harsh acceleration detection, you now gain an insight into the behaviour of your drivers – allowing you to proactively improve safety carry out your Duty of Care by promoting better driving habits.
Instant Status / Location Updates and User Friendly Interface
See exactly where all of your people are, at any time on our simple, intuitive and easy to use
tracking software.
Versatile Alerts Engine
A range of configurable on-screen, SMS or email alerts that actively brings important information
right to you – wherever you are.


Detailed and accurate tracking with Up-to-date Mapping
Minute-by-minute updates of driver behaviour, location, speed, driving time and distance travelled.
  • You now know where ALL of your mobile workers are at all times.
  • Allocate the nearest driver to the job.
  • Confirm and corroborate mileage claims
  • Switch between ultra accurate street-level mapping and satellite maps with one click.
  • Access Google Street View with the touch of a button.