Our Service

The Widest Choice

Because we're completely independent, we can offer you the right system for your business, sourced from the whole of the Telematics market, and because we also understand the value of a happy customer, we never want to just sell you a box. Instead we'll use our knowledge and experience to help you choose the best system for your company, one that delivers the savings you want, at a price that fits your budget.

Free No Obligation Trial

Once you're satisfied we've identified the right solution for you we will happily offer you a free, no obligation trial, so you can judge the benefits for yourself. Then when you're completely satisfied with your choice, we'll work with you to organise a workable and timely installation schedule, to be carried out by our nationwide team of first class engineers.

Ongoing support

Following installation we will undertake reviews with you, to make sure everything is working to the optimum. The review intervals, and the decision about whether we do them face to face or by phone is always down to you, and of course we are only ever a phone call away.

The solution

Interactive Communications provide a huge range of Telematics Solutions. These solutions use information and communication technology to send, receive and store data from many different types of devices. Our interactive portfolio comprises products utilising various modern technologies. These devices are designed to track the whereabouts of vehicles, assets and people. The common denominator for the majority of these products is GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. This technology uses satellites orbiting above the earth to accurately identify the precise position of a vehicle, asset or person at any moment in time. The latest products provide not only tracking capabilities but also constant information on driver performance and fuel consumption. This enables substantial savings to be made by reducing fuel costs - proven to be between 14.5 -18% and increasing vehicle service intervals, thus reducing maintenance costs. We have listed just a few of the benefits provided by our Telematics solutions below. If you have any questions or need any help or advice please feel free to contact us we are always very happy to help you.

  • Substantial Fuel Savings by providing – Fewer stops, faster more direct routes, better mpg, and less unauthorised usage.
  • Improved Staff Productivity & Reduced Traffic Violations
  • By providing your vehicles with a quality vehicle tracking system your fleet operators have full control over your vehicles and staff are fully aware that they will be held accountable for their actions throughout the working day which prevents non productive behaviour such as late starts, early finishes, speeding, unauthorised use of your vehicles and much more.
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Vehicle tracking systems allow you to be aware of the exact departure and arrival times of your vehicles allowing you to respond more effectively to enquiries from your customers and last-minute changes.
  • Improved Communication
  • Our vehicle tracking systems provide two way messaging facilities, allowing you to communicate with your drivers without the hassle of phones
  • No Need To Clock On & Off

Our vehicle tracking systems can do all the clocking on and off for you, with easy to use automated payroll reports saving your drivers a lot of time and effort allowing them less down time and more time to concentrate on their role as a driver, making them more productive for the business.